30 August 2009

Copy cat Pilsner

Today we have started on our journey to great beer.  Time will tell if this is a good or bad place to start ... with a Tin of Muttons Pilsner; and then to just drive home the point we added a 1.8kg Tin of light malt extract ... once again from Muttons.

Tin of Muttons Pilsner
Tin of Muttons Light malt extract

180g Crystal Malt
30g Light Lager
                                     30min              15min          0min
Fuggel Hops                 15g                   5g             15g
Stickenbract                  10g                                      5g

Boil water
Crack grains
Steep grains in water (turn it off)
Bring malt to a boil
When boiling add hops at 30 - 15 - 0

Dump in primary fermenter
Add water to 23ltr and 26C

Sprinkle on yeast (we used yeast from the Pilsner kit)