11 November 2010


5 gallons of beer fermenting at Gerry's house ...

Fine Lemon Wine

Well today I made my first batch of Fine Lemon Wine.

I put in two liters of fresh squeezed lemon juice
3189 + 315 grams of sugar
2 grams of tartaric acid
Water to 22 Liters
Yeast from a riesling I just racked
4 tsp of yeast nutrient
3/4tsp of tannin

Came to a SG of 1065 tossed the yeast and watched it ferment!

I will keep an eye on it once it reaches 1005 I will put in another liter of lemon juice and two more tsp of yeast nutrient and then rack to a secondary a few days later.

10 November 2010

Reflections on brewing

I suppose sometime I ought to think about this. I have in my house right now:

Cider - Bulk storage ready to bottle anytime I want to
Cab/Merlot - Just put into the secondary, bubbling nicely
Riesling - Just put in the secondary, starting to bubble
Sugar Wash - Started yesterday
Lemon Wine - Pitched the yeast about 10 minutes ago

Add to that in one imperial gallon carboys:

Kiwi - Ready to bottle anytime I want to
Lavender - Just put in secondary three days ago

And I am wanting to start a wisteria wine...

04 November 2010


Took some readings today:

Lavender SG - 1.06+
Cab-Merlot - 1.04+
Riesling - 1.05+