21 October 2009

Two Lions

Somewhere along here I had a thought.  A very dangerous thing a thought.  You never know where it will take you.  My thought was why not just use two cans from a kit instead of buying a separate malt can.  The reason for the thought is that the local grocery store was unloading some kits for $5/each.  That would be about 1/4 the normal price.

2x Lion's Dark Kits
100g Crystal Malt
2 pieces of licorice

You probably know this by heart now.  Crack the grain, steep the grain, boil the malt (which is the wort) add the licorice, put in the primary, fill with water toss on the yeast ...

Starting Gravity 1042

06 October 2009


Today we bottled the lion's brew.

Its final gravity was 1014

Starting:  1040
Final:      1014
                  26 x 131  =  3.4%