22 February 2010

Cider #2

Today I whipped up another batch of cider in an attempt to duplicate scrumpy.

1x Can of Cider Mix
2x Lemons
20g Ginger
2028g Sugar

I squeezed the lemons and then tossed the whole things right into the must.
Sugar was 2028 because I couldn't be bothered taking the 28g out of the pile.
Ginger was graded.
Into the primary fermenter and sprinkled the yeast on top.

08 February 2010

Getting Lazy

So today we started another wine.  The Riesling was a hit so we just did another.  This kit is a 15Ltr kit verses the previous 12.5Ltr kit.  We followed the normal procedures.  Mix up the clay, add the concentrate, add the water to temp and volume.

The only difference is the flavor enhancer (sweetener) we added at the primary fermentation as opposed to after we stop the process.  That is because we thought the previous was a bit too sweet and we wanted a dryer wine this time.

Now as to being lazy, measuring the starting gravity.  We don't know!

The beer hydrometer did not go that low. We are too lazy to drive to my house and get the wine hydrometer and take a reading.  Alas we will never know the potential alcohol of this wine!  Not too worried we plan on drinking it admits friends so we will take a punt if asked.