05 May 2010

Cooper's Draft
Cooper's Brewing Sugar

250g Crystal Grain
100g Light Lager
30min 15min 0min
NZ Hallertau 10g 5g
Stickenbract 15g 15g


our second attempt at making Monique's Favorite Brew did not turn out as well as the first attempt. Not that I am conplainging for the brew is deligtful and anyone would be proud to have made it (and even happier to drink it.)

Gerry's very cynical neighbor was quite impressed with this particular brew. He sat there for 10 minutes looking suspisiously at the full glass. When Gerry left the room he tasted it and upon Gerry's return it was empty with a pleasing look for more in his eys. Gerry also claims this very same neighborhood gathering he went through six bottles of No. 11. And as his whole allotment was 15 bottles that was a very expensive gathering.

Now for the notes ...

It taste great and is less filling. What I mean is that there is an excellent hoppy smell and flavour (notice the kiwi spelling.) The mouth is a bit watery. It needs more something, as I am not an expert at that that may be I will have to ask within the brewing club.