08 March 2011

We were brewing today and I brought out the last of 23. The reason for this is that no. 23 went from amazing wow we love it, to why did we ever brew this in the first place? Dead bad not wroth drinking, but as it was all that we had we had no choice ... surely you understand.

And here we were figuring it was the grain we put in it. The grain seemed kind of end of life but we used it anyway and when we figured this out we had two beers in primaries with that very same grain! Sacre Blue!

So I may be slow but I think fast on my feet ... we had only one No 23 left and we were planning on drinking it that very same night! I told you were were out of beer. So I begged Gerry not to drink it. He didn't argue very hard as it was bad.

For we had to know if the beer got any better with age. For the two that were in the primary were either going to have to be drunk very fast and furious or just left alone for a while.

Boy am I glad we did this. For the beer turned great! Wow we loved 23 today right amount of hops, not too much but a good aroma to it. The malt was there but sutle. A good brew that is worth repeating.

And the good news is that our two with the grain would have a long shelf life assuming we just waited that month or so. Good thing we have a third without any grain in it to tie us over for that month or so :)

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