19 February 2011


I spoke with the winemaker at Bemrose Estate today. He was a delightful guy who loves mede and enjoys running around to shows around New Zealand. We saw him at the Jousting festival in upper hutt. Matt has a good thing going, he was licensed to sell cups of mede ... yum.

Well this is what I learned ...

150g of raw honey per liter of fermented honey to sweeten the Wintermede.
1/10g of reconstituted skim milk powder per litre of above as finnings
(warm up the mede, stir vigorously while pouring the milk in)

He has a yeast which ferments out to 12.5% alcohol (I never asked him which one) so he doesn't have to use all the sorbates.

The wintermede uses some stronger honeys than the summermede which has 25g/honey per litre.

Remember this boy for your first racking of the mede is in one week!

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